Real Estate Agent Vs Real Estate Lawyer – What Happens During Real Estate Closings? Here Are A Few Tips On Closing Real Estate As a Wholesaler…

Hi, this is Frank Chen with, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I’ve got quick video on how a typical wholesale closing works.

The first thing you have to do is find is a title company:

Title company, closing agent/attorney
– Quick – avg 3 business days
– Attorney – look over title work, cleared

Types of Closings – (money usually sits in closing escrow)

– Simultaneous closing (aka. double closing, back to back closing) – using buyer funds to close, buyer shows up first (morning), purpose of this close is to obtain cash at closing.

– Transactional – using short term third party funds to close
– Find the buyer (C of transaction) to repay the third party.


– prefer using your closing agent for all real estate closings
– ease of paperwork
– saves time, energy and money
– closing agent that understands wholesaling deals – back to back closings, double closings
– make sure the seller and buyer show up at different times (morning vs afternoon)

Closing Costs – negotiable

– Wire fees
– Attorney fees
– Tax Service Fee
– Title Insurance
– Title Examination Fee
– Deed Preparation
– Etc…

– although two closings – A to B to C closing
– should not have to pay two full sets of fees
– be more flexible with seller side
– buyers are more flexible with you

Seller Closing – comes in afternoon to sign docs
– seller does not need to know profit margin for wholesaler
– draft a separate settlement statement

Buyer Closing
– prefer buyer closes first (morning) so can use their funds
– separate settlement statement

Getting Paid – wholesaler gets check for net difference between two transactions

Real Estate closings are generally pretty straight forward for Real Estate Investors. Your main objective as a wholesaler is to make sure that the A and C side of the transaction go smoothly, and that all parties are happy; more your buyer than the seller. This may require your title company to creatively structure the paperwork, to you, creatively negotiating the deal. Just remember, never throw away a deal for a few dollars, eat the cost, make your money and get out.

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